EVERY SHOW IS A FREE SHOW. Shows start at 10 pm unless otherwise indicated.

Fri, January 20

Attack Ships on Fire, The Quitters, Wolfhounds, Franks & Deans

Sat, January 21

The People's Whiskey, Hit Me Baby, The Damnit Jims, Surrounded By Thieves, The Venomous Pinks

Mon, January 23

The Bargain DJ Collective

Tue, January 24

Unique Massive - midnight

Wed, January 25

Johnny Zig & the Highlighters

Thu, January 26

Thee Swank Bastards

Fri, January 27

Children of Eden, The Whining Pussys

Sat, January 28

Sector 7-G, Agent 86, The Negative Nancys, Super Zeroes, William Neal

Sun, January 29

Uberschall - midnight

Mon, January 30

Prof. Rex Dart & The Bargain DJ Collective

Tue, January 31

Unique Massive - midnight

Wed, February 1

Franks & Deans' Weenie Roast - with Prof. Rex Dart, Gold Top Bob, and MORE !!!