Booking at Double Down

TO BOOK A BAND AT DOUBLE DOWN – Simply e-mail us at and include all band info and a link to your music. ALL correspondence is handled by e-mail. DO NOT CALL THE BAR.

WE BOOK MOSTLY PUNK & GARAGE BANDS. Sometimes rockabilly, rawk, psychobilly, surf, lo-fi and certain other styles we find interestingly off-center. But please DO NOT SEND US anything acoustic. No singer-songwriters. No country. NO EMO, SCREAMO, METAL, TECHNO, ELECTRONICA, GOTHIC, INDUSTRIAL, HIP HOP, REGGAE, WORLD BEAT or JAM BANDS. And a tip for rock bands, please understand that there is a world of difference between rock and punk.

ALL BAND MEMBERS MUST BE 21 OR OLDER and have a valid photo ID. If you do not, you will not be allowed to play when you arrive. NO EXCEPTIONS.

WE GET HUNDREDS OF EMAILS every month from bands who want to play, and we listen to them all and reply to every inquiry. But please understand that although your band may be very good, that does not mean it is a good fit for our venue.

WE ARE NOT A CLUB, but a small bar that does not sell tickets or charge a cover. So the most we can offer bands is a little cash, some drinks and a chance to sell merchandise (good bands do very well here selling merch). If your band wants a bigger payday, we totally understand and wish you well elsewhere.

WE WILL NOT BOOK A BAND THAT IS PLAYING ANOTHER LAS VEGAS VENUE THE SAME WEEK. We know you need gas money, but double booking is not fair to either venue.



Do not call the bar as we will not get the message.