Merry X-Mas Dammit CD


“MERRY X-MAS DAMMIT from the Double Down Saloon”

Our 2007 compilation of punk and skewed Christmas classics from your favorite Double Down Bands. This 17 track CD features songs by Murphy's Law, Richard Cheese and many more.

1.”Sock it to Me Santa”- Murphy's Law 2.”Pastramikah”- The Objex 3.”Jingle Bells”-Lonesome Spurs 4.”Christmas in Las Vegas”- Richard Cheese & Lounge Against the Machine 5.”Santa Baby”- The Dirty Panties 6.”X-Mess Medley”- Las Vegas All Stars 7.”I'm Getting Nuttin' for Christmas”- Peccadilloes 8.”Blue Christmas”- Evil Beaver 9.”Lil' Drummer Boy”- The Bomboras 10.”Santa Was a Cross Dressing Nazi” -The Vermin 11.”Gay Christmas”- 1/2 Ast 12.”Imo Shoot Me a Reindeer”- The Clydesdale 13.”Xmas Time at the Double Down”- Sparkler Dims 14.”I'll Be Home for Christmas”- 2c Worth 15.”Santa Blow Me”- Suite 666 16.”Santa Claus”- The Real Shames 17.”Carol of the Bells/God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen”- Thee Swank BastardsY X-MAS DAMMIT from the Double Down Salo

Vegas Tabloid



Written by P Moss, owner of the Double Down Saloon, Vegas Tabloid is a fast-paced thriller about a wisecracking con man and his sideshow troupe of small time criminals who accidentally become the most popular performers on the Las Vegas Strip, only to find themselves at the center of a deadly corporate cover up. Armed with little more than street smarts, they race the clock not only to save themselves, but prevent the biggest mass murder in American history.

Signed by the author upon request.